Inglês - 20 Exercícios da ESPCEX com gabarito

Leia o texto a seguir e responda às questões 01 e 02

What is a pub? The word pub is short for public house. Pubs are popular social meeting places. They are an important part of British life. People talk, eat, drink, meet their friends and relax there. Many have a garden where people can sit in the summer. One of the oldest pubs, Fighting Cocks in St. Albans, Herts, is located in a building that dates back to the eleventh century. Groups of friends normally buy ‘rounds’ of drinks, where the person whose turn it is will buy drinks for all the members of the group. In most pubs in Britain, you must go to the bar to order drinks and food and pay for your purchase immediately, there is no table service. Bartenders do not expect frequent tipping. To tip them, it is customary to say: “Would you like a drink yourself?”
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01. (ESPCEX) According to the text, pubs are popular places where people
[A] get together.
[B] just drink.
[C] have to tip the bartender.
[D] meet only in the winter.
[E] pay the bartender a drink.

02. (ESPCEX) According to the text, it is correct to say that in Britain
[A] there is table service in most pubs. [B] pubs do not serve the customer at the bar.
[C] pubs have a very important role in social life.
[D] pubs are always located in very old buildings.
[E] friends can’t buy ‘rounds’ of drinks in pubs.

Leia o texto a seguir e responda às questões 03, 04 e 05.

Hello”, said a quiet, musical voice.
I looked up, stunned that he was speaking to me. He was sitting as far away from me as the desk allowed, but his chair was angled toward me. His hair was dripping wet – he looked like someone in a commercial for hair gel. His dazzling face was friendly, open, a slight smile on his flawless lips. But his eyes were careful.
My name is Edward Cullen,” he continued. “I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself last week. You must be Bella Swan.”
My mind was spinning with confusion. He was perfectly polite now. I had to speak; he was waiting. But I couldn’t think of anything conventional to say.
H-how do you know my name?” I stammered.
He laughed a soft laugh.
Oh, I think everyone knows your name. The whole town was waiting for you to arrive.”
MEYER, S. Twilight. New York: Megan Tingley Books, 2006. Page 43.

03. (ESPCEX) According to the sentence “I looked up, stunned that he was speaking to me.”, Bella
[A] didn’t expect Edward to approach her.
[B] was feeling comfortable.
[C] didn’t want to be friends with Edward.
[D] didn’t want to talk to Edward.
[E] was offended by Edward’s attitude.

04. (ESPCEX) “My mind was spinning with confusion. He was perfectly polite now. I had to speak; he was waiting. But I couldn’t think of anything conventional to say.
H-how do you know my name?” I stammered.”
The excerpt above describes a feeling of
[A] sadness.
[B] deception.
[C] pain.
[D] nervousness.
[E] anger.

05. (ESPCEX) According to Bella’s descriptions in the text, Edward was
[A] intelligent.
[B] boring.
[C] charming.
[D] inconvenient.
[E] dangerous.

Leia o texto a seguir e responda às questões 06, 07.

Empirically Based Leadership
A significant area of interest within the US Army empirical literature on leadership is emotional intelligence (EI), which in recent years has been the focus of considerable attention in relationship to leadership efficacy. Emotional intelligence involves an awareness of one’s own emotions as well as the ability to control them, social awareness of others and their emotions, and the capacity to understand and manage relationship and social networks.

In understanding others’ emotions, an important contributing factor to the success of the more effective military officers is their ability to empathize with their subordinates. In discussing empathy, FM (Field Manual) 6-22 defines it as “the ability to see something from another person’s point of view, to identify with and enter into another person’s feelings and emotions”. Empathy is not typically a quality that most soldiers would readily identify as an essential characteristic to effective leadership or necessary to producing positive organizational outcomes, but it is an important quality for competent leadership, especially as it relates to EI.
Adaptado de McDONALD, Sean P. Military Review, Jan-Feb, 2013.

06. (ESPCEX) According to the text, we can state that
[A] empathy is part of emotional intelligence.
[B] emotional intelligence does not include empathy.
[C] emotional intelligence is the ability to avoid empathy.
[D] the US Army wants soldiers to hide feelings.
[E] the US Army wants leaders to control subordinates’ feelings.

07. (ESPCEX) In the sentence “ awareness of one’s own emotions as well as the ability to control them...”, the expression as well as has the same meaning as
[A] but.
[B] thus.
[C] also.
[D] unless.
[E] then.

Leia o texto a seguir e responda às questões 08, 09 e 10.

Welcome to Madrid: City of Protests
Madrid (CNN) – “The people, united, will never be divided!” yells the crowd, angrily waving banners and placards. “To fight is the only way!” Dog-walkers, mothers with strollers, and pensioners carrying shopping bags join the crowd. These people on the sidewalk are no curious neighbors. Indeed, many of them are complete strangers to the family living on the fifth floor, but they are all here to protect Rocio from eviction - being forced to leave her property by legal process. Rocio and her son, now 17 and in high school, moved from Ecuador in 2003, when times were good and jobs plentiful in Spain. But then the global financial crisis hit, bringing Spain’s economy down, Rocio lost her two jobs - in a shop, and as a cleaner. For a while, Rocio got by on benefits, but then those stopped too. She is an example of the crisis many Spaniards face as the country deals with the highest unemployment rate since the Civil War in the 1930s, and a recession entering its second year. “I can’t stand the thought of living on the streets with my son, but I have no idea where else to go”, she says.

Rocio’s story is echoed by others all over Spain. It is this fear that took many Spanish citizens to action. Many of those people who are outside the door of Rocio’s apartment block are supporters of “Stop Desahucios” (Stop Evictions), part of the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH – Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca), a group that campaigns to prevent banks and authorities from eviction because of the country’s economic crisis. They accuse the banks and authorities of “real estate terrorism”.

There are also the mass marches of the 15-M movement - also known as the “Indignados”. Activist Dante Scherma, 24, says citizens were not used to speaking out on political issues. “The 15-M movement made people talk about social issues, and about politics in normal conversations - in cafés, restaurants, bars - where before they only talked about football or fashion.”

Back in Vicalvaro, the moment of truth has arrived, but the crowd - now shouting at the police, insisting they have to stop forcing families to leave their properties - appears to have had an impact. Lawyers from the PAH explain that Rocio will be able to stay - for a while, at least. For those working to stop Spain’s eviction epidemic, today has seen a small and temporary victory. For those demonstrating about cuts, corruption and lack of cash, the protests will go on.
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08. (ESPCEX) According to the text, Rocio
[A] moved to Spain when there were many jobs there.
[B] was the only person affected by the crisis in Spain.
[C] is getting benefits from Spain’s government nowadays.
[D] had two jobs in Ecuador before moving to Spain.
[E] has the best job in Spain nowadays.

09. (ESPCEX) According to the text, the 15-M movement made
[A] Spaniards’ lives lose their importance.
[B] citizens in Spain more interested in social issues.
[C] Spaniards talk more about football and fashion.
[D] people go to cafés, restaurants and bars.
[E] Spaniards accept evictions.

10. (ESPCEX) In the sentence “...insisting they have to stop forcing families to leave their properties...”, the words they and their respectively refer to
[A] the crowd and families.
[B] the crowd and the police.
[C] the police and families.
[D] the families and the properties.
[E] the police and the properties.

Leia o texto a seguir e responda às questões 11 e 12.

Fire at Antarctica station kills 2 Brazilian sailors
Two Brazilian sailors died and one was injured Saturday after a fire broke out at a naval research station in Antarctica, authorities reported. The fire occurred at the Comandante Ferraz Station on King George Island, said Adm. Julio Soares de Moura Neto, commander of the Brazilian Navy. The three sailors were trying to extinguish a fire that broke out in the engine room of the facility.
Brazilian military police are investigating the cause. The station is home to researchers who conduct
studies on the effects of climate change in Antarctica and its implications on the planet, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovation. Researchers at the base also study marine life and the atmosphere.
Adaptado de, consulta em 26/02/2012

11. (ESPCEX) According to the text, it is correct to state that
[A] the Brazilian sailors were responsible for the fire incident.
[B] the fire started outside the engine room.
[C] Brazilian military police still don’t know the cause.
[D] researchers are studying the cause.
[E] climate change caused the fire.

12. (ESPCEX) In the sentence “The station is home to researchers who conduct studies...”, the word who refers to
[A] station.
[B] researchers.
[C] home.
[D] studies.
[E] Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovation.

Leia o texto a seguir e responda às questões 13, 14, 15, 16 e 17

Apple manufacturing plant workers complain of long hours and militant culture
Chengdu, China (CNN) — Miss Chen (we changed her name for this story), an 18-year-old student from a village outside of the southern megacity of Chongqing, is one of more than one million factory workers at a Chinese company that helps manufacture products for Apple Inc.’s lucrative global empire, which ranked in a record $46.3 billion in sales last quarter. They work day or night shifts, eating and sleeping at company facilities, as they help build electronics products for Apple and many other global brand names, such as Amazon’s Kindle and Microsoft’s Xbox.
As a poor college student with no work experience, looking for a job in China’s competitive market is an uphill battle. So when Chen was offered a one-month position at Foxconn with promises of great benefits and little overtime, she jumped at the chance. But when she started working, she found out that only senior employees got such benefits.
During my first day of work, an older worker said to me, ‘Why did you come to Foxconn?
Think about it again and leave right now’,” said Chen, who plans to return to her studies at a Chongqing university soon.
Foxconn recently released a statement defending its corporate practices, stating its employees are entitled to numerous benefits including access to health care and opportunities for promotions and training. In response to questions from CNN, Apple also released a statement: “We care about every worker in our worldwide supply chain. We insist that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever Apple products are made. Our suppliers must live up to these requirements if they want to keep doing business with Apple.”
After three weeks of applying more than 4,000 stickers a day onto iPad screens by hand and working 60 hours a week in an assembly line, Chen says she’s ready to go back to school and study hard so she’ll never have to return to Foxconn. “It’s so boring, I can’t bear it anymore. Everyday is like: I get off from work and I go to bed. I get up in the morning, and I go to work. It is my daily routine and I almost feel like an animal,” said Miss Chen. When asked why humans do machine-ike
work at Foxconn, she responds, “Well, humans are cheaper.”
Adaptado de, consulta em 06/02/2012

13. (ESPCEX) It’s correct to say that Miss Chen
[A] is very satisfied with her job at Foxconn.
[B] is a special factory worker at Foxconn.
[C] has lots of benefits and little overtime at Foxconn.
[D] works day or night shifts, eating and sleeping at Foxconn.
[E] worked in another company before working at Foxconn.

14. (ESPCEX) In the sentence “As a poor college student with no work experience, looking for a job in China’s competitive market is an uphill battle.”, the author means that
[A] you cannot find a job in China.
[B] you have to go up a hill.
[C] it’s exciting to get a job in China.
[D] it’s difficult to get a job in China.
[E] you have to be an excellent athlete.

15. (ESPCEX) In the sentence “But when she started working, she found out that...”, the word but indicates
[A] addition.
[B] consequence.
[C] result.
[D] reason.
[E] contrast.

16. (ESPCEX) In the sentence “Foxconn recently released a statement defending its corporate practices...”, the word its refers to
[A] statement.
[B] Foxconn.
[C] health care.
[D] practices.
[E] employees.

17. (ESPCEX) According to the text, workers at Foxconn company are compared to
[A] machines and animals.
[B] machines and humans.
[C] animals and men.
[D] suppliers and machines.
[E] animals and suppliers.

Leia o texto a seguir e responda às questões 19, 19 e 20.

Facebook Song lyrics
I wouldn’t call myself a social butterfly
And there’s not much that separates me from the other guy
But when I log in I begin to live

There’s an online world where I am king
Of a little website dedicated to me
With pictures of me and a list of my friends
And an unofficial record of the groups that I’m in

Before the internet, friendship was so tough
You actually had to be in people’s presence and stuff
Who would have thought that with a point and a click
I could know that Hope Floats is your favorite flick

I’m hooked on Facebook
I used to meet girls hanging out at the mall
Now I just wait for them to write on my wall

Oh! Link’s status changed, it says he’s playing the recorder...

How do you know this person?
Did you hook up with this person?
Do you need to request confirmation?
Or did you just think they looked cute...
From their picture on Facebook?

If the internet crashed all across the land
Or my Facebook account was deleted by the man
I’d carry around a picture of my face
And a summary of me typed out on a page
Adaptado de

18. (ESPCEX) The text above can be considered
[A] obscene.
[B] obsolete.
[C] religious.
[D] ironic.
[E] thrilling.

19. (ESPCEX) The sentence “But when I login I begin to live” brings the readers a reflection about the extreme importance that people, in our society, give to
[A] school and internet.
[B] love and life.
[C] life and death.
[D] girls and computers.
[E] the online world.

20. (ESPCEX) In the sentence “Before the internet, friendship was so tough”, the word tough can be replaced by
[A] easy.
[B] difficult.
[C] respectable.
[D] nice.
[E] flexible.